Who we are ?

FIDICON is a Brand that focuses on high quality products and services through complete quality management, research & development and product customisation techniques & services.

FIDICON is an manufacturing company that do business from last15 Years in more than twenty countries all over the world with surplus liable employee .

The company operate in many countries of Europe, Asia & Africa.

The Company is planning to expand to other countries & continents in the future. In the individual countries Fidicon does business in industries such as



This company was founded in 2005 and is now registered as Fidicon Devices India Private Limited. Based on the original site, Our Head office and Manufacturing units are in prime location at GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India

All employees are well equipped with all kind of facilities.

The success of the business is in its highly flexible workforce with demarcation between trades.

A number of the staff has been employed with the company for many years and we have consolidated the recognition of our customers thanks to the quality in our services, reaffirming an active growth. We have initiated three promising projects in which we have been working for years, such as the establishing the manufacturing and production of Process control, Process Control, Measuring Instruments & Safety Equipment in India with an innovative line.

Our Success Story


Year of 2002-2005

In this tenure the company struggled with apex effort in field of trading the products with good quality & fulfilling customers demand competing several renound brands

1 st

2 nd

Year of 2005-2014

In this tenure the company developed several products and started manufacturing it, such as Process Control Equipment in Year of 2005, Safety Valve in Year 2007, Flame Arrester & Breather Valve in Year 2010, Pressure Reducing Station & Pressure Reducing Valve in 2014, Gauge Hatch, Emergency Vent Valve, Level Transmitter, Variable Area Flow Meter, Metal Tube Rotameter in Year 2014.

Year of 2014-2019

The Company developed Its manufacturing unit with enormous hitech machines, tools, safety gears, quality measuring instruments along with flourishing training to the employ to curb the demands of customer with high quality and optimum price.

3 rd

Our Mission

Our mission is to be competitive and at forefront of the industry transformation by:

  • Offering technologically innovative product to the market.

  • Pursuing the highest levels of work quality and manufacturing excellence in our fields of specialisation with optimal use of resources.

  • To make the Pharmaceutical, Agro, Fertiliser, Chemicals & Intermediate industry more efficient, prosperous and safer place by manufacturing best product.

Our Vission

  • To be preferred Process control, Measuring Instruments & Safety Equipment manufacturer and supplier in India

  • To provide the best business experience through relation ship built on integrity, success built on performance fuelled by a commitment to continual improvement, both personally and professionally

Our Values

It goes without saying that honesty and integrity is firmly embedded in our culture, but what really makes a difference is our passion for delivering value and exceeding expectations. Fidicon seeks to provide the highest standard manufactured products in all aspects to our customers.

What We stand for ?


One of the strengths of Fidicon is the direct relationship wit h t h e Customers and large groups.This proximity allows us to offer them solutions and recognize important market niches.

In the same way, Fidicon is a good partner for manufacturers, developing complete product ranges, anticipating customer needs and offering true business opportunities and great added value.

Personalized Service

At Fidicon we have a customer Service Area that treats the needs of our clients in a personalized wtimes.ay. In addition, our Technical Assistance Service ensures the correct maintenance of the equipment and guarantees the perfect use of equipment acquired at all

Real Delivery Times

Fidicon makes order confirmations with real delivery times. If that deadline is not going to be fulfilled, the system immediately sends a notification in advance and customer service offers solutions & alternatives.


Fidicon is synonymous with prestige and trust. We select the best brands and products of each specialty. Only one brand per product type. Neither our suppliers nor our brands compete with each other

Social & Business

Our suppliers see Fidicon as the best ambassador to represent their brand in India. As a distributor, we work hand in hand with the manufacturer to reinforce its brand image in India, to improve its marketing actions & increase sales to benefit of both companies.