Product Description

FIDICON provides an inclusive variety of pressure vacuum relief valve that is known for compliance with industry standard in safety and defense.

FIDICONs pipe-away, in-line and end-of-line relief valves, vent-to-atmosphere are fitted on storing tanks to control fugitive emission and evaporation losses that are the outcome of flammable and dangerous petroleum vapor-producing goods.

FIDICON projects pressure vacuum relief valves that caters to a diversity of applicationsfrom tedious service to the most unadorned service.

Pressure relief valve offered by us is suited for the wide range of specifications. This is critical for the smooth operations of various systems that deal with oil, petrochemical, steam, air, liquid or gas. It is highly appropriate for multi-phase applications in chemical as well as refining processing systems. Pressure relief valve is an optimum quality safety device that can protect the pressurized vessel. It ensures the protection of life as well as property. Basically, this is exclusively utilized for avoiding unsuitable functioning of the system in the absence of pressure.